Island Susak

Susak is a small island located in the north of the warm Adriatic sea (Mediterranean). It’s famous for it’s sandy beaches (like Boracay :)) LOL), beautiful folk costumes and yellow dost from which the island made. It is this yellow dust which makes Susak unique - even the the most experienced seamen will agree there’s no similar island in the whole Mediterranean!

Getting to Susak is not an easy task, while finding accommodation is even tougher. These two facts have kept the island of the touristic agencies radars. Most of them are totally unaware of it’s existance, which is a good thing since it keeps crowds off the island.

On the island there’re no roads, noisy night clubs - there are only miles of dusty paths running across sand cascades, which connect the only village with coves on the other side of the island. During winter island is practically deserted. The only 200 people who live there throughout the year are the people who stayed behind during the big emigration wave to he United States. On Susak a special dialect is spoken, which is so different from standard Croatian that nobody in Croatia understands it.

view from the top

narrow streets between houses

b&w other side

street racer Mile :)

Castle....once...long long time ago!


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3 in 4 slika sta kot narisane z barvicami Qiotto la kej sa ze ble italjanske?
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