Hello...its been again long time no post :P
Been quiet busy and pc and connection in places i been was bad! All the places Ive been gona be post in next days!
From Manila i went with my friend Alman up north to Batad!
There are nice rice terrases and one waterfall..spend there one day and one night, after that we went more up to Sagada..coming soon :)
btw soon time to go home :((


Oseba Tine sporoča …
A nas ris murš tuk rajcat?!!!dej raj kešne smeti slikej al pa kej tazga, de ti nama tuk fouš:))uživej dic!!lipe fotke ris, un avtič je ris hud;)
Oseba Andrija sporoča …
hehe..imam ena padgana iz Hanoija :P