Souvenirs they are...result of magic box!
I took photos of my souvenirs wich represent county I trevel!

Buda - Thailand
This one was very hard to took it..had alot of problem cuz the statue is black on
white background and most important varnish and flesh strike back

Jeepny - Philippines
hmm crazy jeepny drivers on streets of Manila and around PH.
Small wood model.

Potronas Twin Tower - Malasiya
The highest building...Been on high sky brige!

Wall picture - Vietnam
Small wall hanging picture with a lady on...with bicycle
and traditional hat wich I also bring one with me :)
Lady is made from sea shell


Oseba Anonimni sporoča …
hey! that looks great! alman
Oseba Andrija sporoča …
thanx man....i'm trying hard haha :)