France Bevk

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The broad valley of the river Soča mock Baška grapa Valley and pearl Idrijca - all three of beauty have been a witness, how Franček (France Bevk) in their embrace spend their youth. When he was already elderly, it was always like returning to his birth village Zakojco, where he was born 17.sept. In 1890 his father Ivan, čevljarju, and Katarina ČUFAR as the first child. Since the parents did not have a house, a small Franček prijokal the world of its neighbors. Only when he had 3leta, Grandpa bought a house at auction. One hour walk to school in Beech was it the most beautiful in the world. I read it and wish you the best known. He was also very curious. It is always full of tension and izbuljenimi eyes listen to my grandmother, who has been able to talk scary and exciting stories. Grandfather and father were and are very self-appreciate books and newspapers. Grandma did not know how to read, and had an excellent memory, and you all remember. Even Bevkova mother is able to read, more than read the Bible. Bevk has been close to my mother, because you are entrusting all the secrets. When he learned to read and write, so you attract more books. The teacher is encouraged talented pupil and lend books. Decided to be one day and he wrote such a book. He finished the elementary school and have to choose a path for the future. Grandfather was aware of and opposed Francetova talent to become a shoemaker. He said that would be better for another profession. Thus, the father drove to the dealer in Kranj Kušljanu for commercial assistant. There is, however, remained only a few months and returned home without any plans. He started to help his father in the field and in čevljarstvu. During this time he began to write. Already in the 16 year he published a magazine Domestic friend črtico Resurrection. This year the mother died. The event was very shaken. It is ripe, and his childhood has ended. After a two year break, which he spent at home, it is his contributions in the journal found Cerkljanska Dean Franc Knaus. Suggested by the teaching profession. France is a follow his advice and enrolled in the teaching pripravnico. There is a loved part of the Ivan Cankar. The trainee is the most PESTLE German and the music. Therefore, the note of poetry and started writing songs. Pripravnico ended with the successful test. With his classmates decided to issue the student literary list with the name Alpha. France, the student is then faced with the first part of the editor. When the Alpha learned professors, magazine, could no longer come. A Bevkova creativity is, it is not stopped. It continued to send poems student Zora Journal editors and friends home Zofki Kvedrovi. He has many famous slovenian poets and writers. Among them, Ivan Cankar. In 1913 he graduated and went on my first post in Orehek. He was very happy in those days was a life-long memories. Shortly before World War I there found his life družico. There he wrote the book Tatić. On sick leave has written lines, which strongly opposed the war. Because of the short stories they were interested in Ljubljana police launched and became politically suspect. In this short time is to travel to Vienna and enrolled in higher pedagogical school, but soon abandoned this idea. On his return he was transferred to Novake, where they recalled the army. V 1 sv. War has undergone a lot of serious experience. When he returned, had abandoned the teaching profession and became editor of the Ljubljana evening Journal. When this rise has stopped, it is governed by the cultural section časopisa Slovenec. At the same time, its time posvetil theater and led the popular stage and directed. Towards the end of 1920 he returned to Gorica. There has been involved in many newspapers. In 1921 was published Bevkova law and the only poetry. Named by the simple songs. However, the dedicated line and story. The Trieste was issued after some time the selection bar on Pharaoh. His book took place for each other. In 1933 it issued pripovedko Capricorn, comrades in 1934, in 1938 a collection of fairy witch Čirimabara, 1939 Grivarjevi children in the same year the children's povestico Dance husband. The Little Book Pesterna and rebels has won the recognition of the Golden Book. After the war was about fighting on the National, one of whom was Thomas (Little rebel), which became the main hero of the most read Bevkova povesti. Bevkovo literary work for youth was not only by the writer posvetil the growing generation, but also his personal visits to young readers. He attended the after school and they love about the work. Bevk is one most writers. This code does not apply simply because the number of books (about 100), which was written, but also because of the extraordinary diversity of narrative themes. He died 17.septembra 1970.
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